Our technology

At Symbio, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of new communication technologies, both for our customers and our employees. As a Symbion, you can expect to work with a wide range of industry standard tools, as well as encounter opportunities to upskill with emerging technologies in the telecommunication industry.

Our Tech Stack

Our tech teams currently use a wide range of industry standard tools to achieve the development and operation of our projects and platforms. Our current tech stack employs Java, Go, C++ and Javascript code, along with ReactJS and Node.js frameworks. Our teams also utilise tools such as AWS, Kafka, Kubernetes, GitLab and Elastic to bring our customers the best in telecommunication technology.

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Future Technologies

The future of technology at Symbio sees our teams moving toward cloud-first telecommunication platforms, and expanding our existing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementations. We are also focusing on incorporating no-touch automation solutions for our platforms, and developing exciting enhancements to our MPLS networks.

Our teams

Our tech teams are long-lived, multi-skilled teams that have full lifecycle ownership of their projects and platforms. Our tech teams take full stack ownership of their platforms, and are able to deliver projects with minimal dependency on other teams. Symbio is also committed to nurturing growth within our tech teams, with team leaders having strong engineering backgrounds as well as people leadership skills. Our tech teams also have developed an engineering career framework, allowing anyone in engineering to focus on developing themselves as an IC (Individual Contributor) or a management role.

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Adelaide Yuill

Graduate Delivery Coordinator
(Symbio Australia)

"I really appreciate the great culture and support Symbio offers, especially through its Graduate Program. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help you learn and grow. The team are really invested in your career progression as a graduate, ensuring you are making meaningful contributions to the business and its products.  

As a Graduate Delivery Coordinator I am currently responsible for supporting the Delivery Leads in the Connect space. This is an exciting area to be in, as there are a variety of different projects to work on and I get to interact with lots of teams to ensure deliverables are executed smoothly."

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