Our Graduates

At Symbio, we believe that growth and success come from what individuals put into it. Our two-year program is designed to build Graduates’ technical and leadership capabilities to facilitate their professional and personal growth.

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Our Grad Program

To compliment learning acquired at Universities or Technical Institutions; Symbio will provide Graduates access to people who are experts in their fields to help apply what’s been learnt in theory into practice.

During the graduate program, you will participate in an accelerated learning program to develop your professional skills across a range of experiences. This is made possible through coaching and work shadowing, regular feedback and partnering with various stakeholders and shareholders.

You will be embedded in your team and will contribute to team goals from Day 1.  You will be given freedom to learn and deliver (and fail fast and pivot).

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Life as a grad

Our graduates are a tight-knit community, and regularly get together for catch-ups to share achievements, learnings, and future goals. Symbio also plans regular social activities for graduates and encourages a healthy work-life balance that fosters personal development and growth.

Build your personal brand through joining some of our communities such as: The green team, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, Women@Symbio.

Mehdi Ali

Graduate eXperience Coordinator
(Symbio Australia)

‘As a graduate marketing eXperience coordinator at Symbio, I've thrived in an environment that fosters growth and collaboration through team-building activities.

In the Symbio graduate program, I've transparently learned new skills and mastered essential tools and software such as Excel spreadsheets and running ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

Working closely with my manager Zac has been exceptional. His guidance has been instrumental as we navigate projects seamlessly together.  Symbios graduate program allows me to develop my skills and further my career.’ 

Who is eligible for the program?

Application Process

  • At Symbio, our Graduate Program intakes fall in January and July
  • Applications open in April & September
  • You can apply for open roles through our career page.
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Our recruitment process

  1. Following the submission of your application, the Talent Acquisition team from Symbio will reach out for a phone screening. They will ask about your background, your degree, and what you’re looking for in a graduate role.
  2. The next stage is an interview with the Hiring Manager. They will be curious to find out about your background, technical skills, and team fit. This is a combination of behavioural and technical questions. For technical grads, there will be take-home assessment.
  3. The second interview is an opportunity to meet people from the team. This setting is more casual and may include follow up questions from the first interview.
  4. The last stage will include reference and background checks, which is applicable depending on role.
  5. If successful, an offer will be made!
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How to prepare for an interview

  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Get to know more about us by researching Symbio
  • Prepare questions to ask
  • Make sure you’re in a comfortable space when doing the interview
  • Depending on roles, preparation may differ
  • Be yourself!

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