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We create our own destiny, we move at a fast pace, we do things our own way. We are disrupting the way the world is communicating.

Once you’re a Symbion, you will experience what no other organization can give you: a sense of excitement, opportunity, possibility.

We are growing so fast, across the globe - and we invest in our ourselves – because we are the ones that make our success happen.

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Our guiding principles

Our company values are at the core of who we are. They guide us on how we show up and work together in order to be our best selves.

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Deliver excellence

We want to achieve great things. We do our best work every day. We are accountable for the work we produce. We are committed to delivering the highest quality work and value possible through relevant services and solutions.

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We are stronger together. We create meaningful relationships with others. We communicate and ask questions so that we can collaborate effectively. We listen to each other and are respectful.

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Honest & fair

We are truthful about the actions we take and decisions we make. We follow through on our promises to each other. We manage expectations with customers, and deliver on what we promise. If we make a mistake, we own up, fix it and learn from it.

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Be brave

Speak up - everyone has a voice and we want to hear your opinion. We take calculated risks. We step outside of our comfort zone when required. We are brave enough to challenge norms and be innovative.

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We care

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We care about our customers’ needs and consult with them to get the best solution. We value the diversity of our employees.

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Devasya Kaushal

Graduate Product Manager

“It’s a great environment for graduates to learn and grow because you’re provided with a structured development plan for your growth and the people here are friendly, down-to-earth, and willing to help you anytime to learn from their experience.
I’m responsible for supporting the product managers by conducting market and commercial analysis, ensuring we execute our product strategy and position our products competitively in the market.”

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